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Why SimpleAdmin

Connect multiple applications and collect detailed metrics about your business

Development Efficiency

Improve your business efficiency without wasting time on development and maintenance. SimpleAdmin can help to focus on your customer product.

Customizible UI

All your operational tasks with fully customizable UI. No more difficulties with developer team and outsourcing companies.

Friendly Support

We'll help you with the solution of any issues related to the connection, use and improvement of SimpleAdmin. Our friendly team will answer as soon as possible.

What makes SimpleAdmin different

We're using an open model with our clients, without hidden information about our development process and future features

No access to your data

Open Source plugin installed in your app generate API, that we use only to show you data without accessing it

High level of security

Data protected using a high securable secret key that you create on an application side, that only you know to use data

Perfect tools for modern companies

Watch this short video to understand how to connect your application and why you need to use our service right now!

Improve business efficiency at times using our service

Modern companies need a maximum quantity of metrics to understand current needs and ways of increasing income. We provide a fully customizable interface and custom metrics created by yourself without wasting time on development. Be faster than your competitors by getting the last insights into your business processes in real time.

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