What is SimpleAdmin?

SimpleAdmin is a service for people with no special skills that enables a simple change of interface and decrease of your costs on a webpage development. It is a good investment with maximum payback.

Straight Ahead

  • Saving Resources

    You do not need to waste your time on development and technical support. The Simple Admin team will help you pay focus on the key thing – your Product.

  • Custom Interface

    Now even an ordinary user can solve his tasks with no help from developers and outsourcing companies.

  • Confidentiality

    An open source plug-in makes your company’s data hidden for the SimpleAdmin team.

  • Technical Support

    The project team will help you set up a plug-in. We are also constantly working on improving our service, expanding the functions and error correction.

Free Admission

  • Test the subscription during the first 30 days
  • Ask your questions
  • Give your ideas on service improvement

Once the test period is over, a 6- and 12-months subscription will be available at 10% off.